Send Invitation

For Invitation List out the names of people you want to invite to your party. If there are kids, try to make a group, 5o as to assure they will have companies. Start to send invitation cards 2 to 2 weeks before the party day and state RSVP for people who want to bring kids or friends, so you can confirm the number of guests and estimate the portions of food earlier.


Party theme, venue, date and time are basic information Add some images or patterns that suit the party theme is also appropriate. If there are guidelines such as classic dressing, bringing a gift for lucky draw and joining talent show, you can also list on the invitation card, so that guests have time to do preparation.


Invitation cards are not only printed on paper or drawn by hands, but also in virtual format like email. There are many e-invitation cards available on the Internet Just type in detailed information, and then send them out. How convenient and environmentally friendly it is!